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NOW Special Low Pricing for Used Service Observing Systems from Dees and MELCO

"This Call May Be Monitored or Recorded for Quality and Training"

VLR Communications, for over 30 years, has offered practical solutions for recording and monitoring telephone and radio communications.

Our customers are from every industry including, public safety and security, financial, transportation, education, military, and even resellers needing expert advice for their customer applications.


We offer practical solutions with a least cost in mind.

Total Recall, Intelligent Recording, Revcord, DVS Analytics, Eletech

Record and monitor nearly every kind of telephone

Analog, Digital, VoIP

Monitor call center phones

DEES Service Observing Systems

Adapt telephones to recording devices

EDAC by Citel

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VLR Communications is Voice Logging Recorders

Since 1982


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