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"This Call May Be Monitored or Recorded for Quality and Training"

Advanced Tools For Phone Recording

Speech Analytics with Word Search

Record your phones for many reasons and benefits including service observing,

CRM, order confirmation, compliance, evaluation and training,

liability, and for sales and marketing research.

We Handle Dodd-Frank Call Recording Requirements

VoIP or SIP Phone Recording, Cloud and Mobile phone recording

                Software Only, you provide the PC server, Revcord and dvsAnalytics provides the software to record Cisco, Shoretel, Avaya, and most SIP phone systems.  You can record by phone with a fixed recording license for each VoIP phone or by your phone system where a concurrent license covers a fixed number of simultaneous recordings.  Contact us for a quote.

                USB connection to your PC, XTR Intelligent Recording has a simple USB interface for recording VoIP phones to your PC with inexpensive software (no Microsoft SQL software license is required).  Contact us for a quote.

                   VMware or your Server, you provide the PC or virtual server, Revcord and dvsAnalytics are well experienced with VMware and can provide software to run on your system.

                Cloud Recording, where an appliance is installed at your location but the recording is made at another location.  The recording files sent to the recorder over the cloud.  You monitor and search for recording at your PC over the web. 

Hosted VoIP phone with Advanced Features Recording

                Cloud-Based telephone and Hosted recording is an ideal way to cut telephone costs and safeguard recording with advanced recording features like word search, speech analytics and data mining. We offer a scalable and cost-effective compliance solution for fast deployment. Picture telephones in your office and even remote locations that are reliably recorded with no on site investment. Easy web access for playback and administration for all recordings.

Digital phone system recording

                We provide the server, the most popular recording solution for digital phone systems; Revcord and dvsAnalytics offer robust recording systems with a choice of many features.  Most phone systems are covered, including Avaya, Nortel, Panasonic, NEC, Siemens, and Toshiba to name a few.

                You provide the server, Revcord can provide the software, digital phone interface cards, and support when you build your own PC server.  You may need Microsoft SQL or MySQL software license.

                USB connection to your PC, XTR Intelligent Recording has a simple USB interface for recording digital phones to your PC with inexpensive software.  Contact us for a quote.

Phone Line and Radio Recording

                Every recording manufacturer we handle has an analog solution.  You can record analog phone lines, Trunk Recording for T1 and PRI lines, by handset audio from VoIP and digital phones, and from audio from alarm systems, radios and trunked radios, and from intercom and paging systems.  Simple turnkey recorders are available from Total Recall Recorders.  Inexpensive telephone line recorders with networked servers by Eletech, USB to local PC’s from XTR Intelligent Recording, and more elegant PC based recorders are available from Revcord and dvsAnalytics.  Contact us to discuss your recording plans.

Call Center Service Observing

                You can service observe for training and support with nearly all digital recorders.  Systems to just monitor calls have been around since the 1980’s from Melco and Dees.  A supervisor can log on to any phone and offer talk assist for support.   For monitoring digital phones we provide the EDAC digital to analog interface from Citel which can be used on the Dees and legacy Melco systems.

Phone Recording Options

                You may be interested in cell phone recording and adding options like speech analytics and word search as required by the CFTC because of Dodd-Frank, screen recording, call evaluation software, and  file backup (on site or in the cloud), or mixing VoIP along with analog or Digital phone recording.  Contact us to discuss your recording plans.

Phone Call Recording Laws

                You can place beep tone on the call to notify both parties that the recording is being made or a simple announcement on inbound calls handles this requirement.  On outbound calls, having the caller make the statement your call is being recorded is kind of awkward.   A beep tone on the line, every 15 seconds, makes the statement the call is being recorded.  This may be required for recording calls in a small number of states. A majority of states require that only one party know the recording is being made.  Thus, discussing your recording system with your call takers is advised.  We provide beep for handset recording and can offer a single line inbound call announcer from Racom.



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