Dees Communications has been providing creative cost effective solutions for your telecom applications for over 20 years.

154  Bypass products transfer up to 8 system phones to CO trunks when the power or phone system fails. All connections are isolated from the phone system while in Bypass mode. Multiple units can be ‘ganged’ together to support more than 8 trunks.

173W     Common Ringing The 3 Trunk Common Ringer Matrix allows connecting multiple Central Office (CO) lines to one common output whenever one of the lines rings.

196, 198   Stinger Ringer  cuts through the noise of any environment with a powerful 110 dBA. 

340     Dees Link DeesLink is a secure, multi-user programmable remote access unit.

DSI-375     Meridian Custom Ringer     DSI-375 gives you complete control over your phone’s ringing patterns.

CRI-376     Recorder Interface CRI-376 enables most recording devices to record calls made on your Meridian Business Set (MBS). 

CM-10 CM-30 Service observing units provide complete call monitoring and talk assist capabilities.  Available in two versions, Model CM-10 monitors up to 10 lines and CM-30 monitors up to 30 lines. While this product is no longer being manufactured, there is a very small inventory of units available at this time.

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