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Revcord Recorders

Our comprehensive call recording and call monitoring solutions enable customers to address the needs of Next Generation 9 1ź1 public safety as well as liability and compliance concerns of call centers while ensuring call quality and maximizing operational efficiency. Focused on excellence in public safety and commercial recording, we offer a full suite of features sold through expert dealers, partners, and factory direct personnel while providing the best maintenance and service plans, all at an incredibly low price.

Options? Not with Revcord. Unlike the competition we bundle everything you need into our standard recorder. For example, you get, at no additional price, features including Quality Assurance Evaluation software along with a robust Reports package. Even screen recording is included and so much more. You get video and text (SMS/MMS) recording along with email, instant messaging and social media recording for the same low price no ups, no extras.

CYA/CM Model

Our inexpensive tower based logging system will fit almost any budget with powerful software features all of the features and functions of our top-of-the-line high reliability multimedia voice logging system are included in our “economy model”.
The model CYA features a tower chassis, 1 TB hard drive, combo DVD drive, and the option of backup to a USB hard drive or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Quote for Revcord tower Recorder, 8 channels analog input


Model CYACMA08 $4,814.00

Revshield annual maintenance $288.84

BOSS offsite factory installation support $600.00

No additional cost for shipping


MCS Model

The model MCS features dual hot swappable 1 TB hard drives with Raid 1 (mirrored recording on the hard drives) and dual hot swappable power supplies for added redundancy in a Rack Mount Chassis.

Quote for Revcord Rack Mount Recorder, 8 channels analog input,

model MCSCMA08 $7,814.00

Revshield annual maintenance† $468.84

BOSS offsite factory installation support $600.00

No additional cost for shipping


VoIP Software

Model REVOIPPFC Software for permanent VoIP Channels, full features and VMware compatible.
Software for VoIP Recording

Quote for Revcord Software for VoIP Recording 8 channels

Model REVOIPPC† $2,600.00

Revshield annual maintenance $156.00

BOSS offsite factory installation support† $600.00

No additional cost for shipping


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Revcord Boss Program

This is a full featured installation service program where you are the BOSS, providing for a remote or onsite base software installation. Useful for untrained technicians and remote locations, this program ensures that our customers are getting every feature out of the Revcord system possible.

Revshield Warranty Program

Revcord offers one of the most beneficial warranties in the industry. All purchases of Revcord systems include a three year limited hardware warranty plan that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This plan is intended to cover all internal components and the chassis of any Revcord system. With the purchase of a Revcord system, the Buyer gets three years of Help Desk which is limited to technical patches only during normal business hours.


Standard Features

  • Web Based Browser Interface
  • No Seat License fees or Add-On costs
  • Up to 168 Analog and 168 digital channels
  • Virtually Unlimited VoIP Channels
  • Concurrent or Fixed VoIP Channel Option
  • Combine Analog, Digital and VoIP in Same Chassis
  • Screen Recording (Server or Client)
  • Multi-tiered Access Protection
  • Range of Assignable Rights by Individuals or Groups
  • Assignable Search, Save and Monitor Restrictions
  • Computer Login Allows for “Free Seating”
  • Proprietary Recording Format & 128 bit AES Encryption
  • Remote System Monitoring and Warning Notification by E-mail
  • Chassis CYA: Black Tower 17” x 19” x 7.5” 27lbs
  • Chassis MCS: Industrial black 4U Mount 7” x 21” x 10” 48lbs
  • Data Retrieval: Local or remote by Web Browser
  • Hard Drive: 500 gigabyte (For MCS - Dual Hot Swappable with Raid 1, 5, or 6)
  • Analog Options: 8 to 168 channels in 8 channel increments
  • Digital Options: 8 to 168 channels in 8 channel increments
  • VoIP Options: Unlimited Integrated Software Only Solution
  • DVD-RW Drive: Standard for “burning” CD and running Recovery Disk
  • Continuous Backup: DVD - RAM or option to use your own USB HD or NAS
  • Standard Accessories: Keyboard & Mouse
  • Dealer Supplied: Dealer Supplied Monitor, Speakers, USB hard drive or NAS
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional with an Option for Windows Server and
  • SQL Server Express 2008.

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BOSS offsite factory installation support

Revshield annual maintenance

Revcord Spec Sheet

Revcord VoIP Specifications

Revcord Screen Recording

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