Since 1982 VLR Communications has installed recorders and service observing systems to every size organization. These images represent only a few of the companies we have worked with while offering our experience in a wide range of applications.

Colleges and Universities

Campus Police and fund raising call centers.



Over the years, one major customer base of ours has been central alrarm stations.



For dispatch, customer service, call center operations, and verification of service orders.


Call Centers

Call centers monitor and record calls for order documentation, training and dispute resolution.



Monitor and record calls for order documentation, training and dispute resolution.


Public Safety and Government

Applications include 911 PSAP, secondary administrative recoreding, FAA and airport control tower, fire station announcer, and transportation dispatch.


Financial Customers

VLR Communications started out in the financial community in Chicago in 1982. In the beginning we supported a start up recorder dealer in the Boston financial market and sold lots of recorders in the New York financial market. The owner of VLR Communications was the president of the Midwest Communications Association and the Chicago Financial Communications Association in 1990.

Trading firms need to record all telephone orders and trading floor activities. Banks record customer service call centers, funds transfers and trading orders.


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