CITEExpandable Digital to Analog Converter 





The Citel EDAC monitors all line appearances on the telephone set and reformats the digitized information into the standard 600 ohm analog format required by most recording equipment. The unit passively captures both sides of a conversation and sends audio to the recorder only when a telephone call is active. An EDAC base unit can go online with just one port card. The user adds cards as needed. Multiple base units can be combined to handle any size installation. Citel EDAC resides entirely in the switch room and may be wall or rack mounted. Hardware is easily installed without disconnecting the switch or disrupting service, and requires little costly wiring.

EDAC Base MSRP $350.00, Cost $310.00*

 EDAC Card MSRP $237.00, Cost $210.00

EDAC Power Supply MSRP $146.00, Cost $132.00*

 EDAC Beep Tone Generator MSRP $149.00, Cost 135.00*

EDAC Card/Dual Relay $70.00*

*We do have inventory of used and new old stock, contact us for available items at discount price.


For orders over $500.00.

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