We begin in 1982 as a factory representative and dealer for Stancil Corporation the earliest recording company.  Dictaphone was our only competition at that time.  Stancil quality and search features were way ahead of Dictaphone which lasted for many years.  For VLR Communications the Chicago commodity traders and the rest of the country’s financial market welcomed the Stancil recorders.  We installed and supported Stancil recorders at many public safety 911 centers across Illinois and Wisconsin.






1980’s While we were specializing on much larger recorders, we found many new customers that wanted a simple inexpensive cassette recorder.



TEAC CR Series


Racal Wordsafe


1990’s Along came the VHS logging recorder.  Both TEAC and Racal claimed this market.  We handled the Wordsave and later the TEAC recorders.



The Public Safety market demanded newer technology along with much less expensive recording media.  We actually created and offered to the Racal dealers around the country our post card we used to announce the arrival of the Racal Wordsafe recorder.  Notice the old Dictaphone in the background.  We knew that every police chief in the country would recognized that old Dictaphone tape recorder.




We introduced a lot of these Service Observing systems to call centers so that  the supervisors could listen in and support the call center staff.  Originally from MELCO and later from DEES, these units were very popular in College fund raising campaigns and at call centers of every size.  These customers couldn’t afford the expensive voice logging recorders at the time.  The service observing units are now obsolete because recording system costs and features have become more affordable.


Then in the mid 90’s came the PC based voice logging recorder.

Wygant Encore



CVDS Recorder


Total Recall Desktop

By far, the most popular digital recorder at the time was the Total Recall desktop recorder.  We shipped a lot of these recorders and the customers installed them themselves and hardly ever called with a problem.  At the time, Omnicron shipped more than 500 Total Recall desktop recorders a year.

Early on, Wygant offered the Encore recorder as the most elegant digital logging recorder in the market.  VLR Communications  worked with Wygant to interface the Encore recording features to Sonitrol’s unique central station monitoring system.     The Wygant Encore recorders are now a part of the DVS Analytics enterprise recording solutions.


As technology in the marketplace continually grows, we choose the best recorders available to offer our customers their best experience based on price, features and support.