Intelligent Recording has a wide range of hardware and software platforms that are designed to meet everything from basic call recording requirements to providing a turn-key system that records calls, upsells your clients and aids in staff training and development. Whether recording analog lines, IP phone recording, SIP trunk Recording, PRI/BRI Recording or Digital station-side recording, Intelligent Recording has the right solution for your business. Our products are right for the single location business or for the large national chain that requires centralized storage and web-based management and reporting capabilities. For the smaller business, the Call Tracker series of Call Recorders make implementing a recording solution for your business simple, quick and cost effective. By integrating our proven Call Recording technology with the latest in Tablet CPU computing, we’ve created a range of fully stand-alone recorders that meet the price performance targets required for even the smallest business. Connected in minutes and delivering all the features you need, we offer both outright purchase options and a low deposit Service Agreement which gets you up and running at minimal outlay with maximum features.

The VoIPBox from Intelligent Recording provides a compact, turn-key Stand Alone Call Recording Solution for those wanting full time recording for IP Telephones without the need to pay a monthly fee to your hosted telephone provider.                                                                                                                                                              

Analog Call Tracker is a complete stand-alone call recording solution, no host PC is required and installation is quick and simple. Call Tracker connects directly to your phone lines and records all of your calls onto its built-in memory. Compatible with Analog phones/lines or with a PBX, every call detail is recorded.

By connecting Call Tracker to your data network/Internet you unleash powerful integration, reporting alerting and management features attributed with call recorders costing many, many times more.

These features include SMDR integration with popular phone systems for full extension side reporting, web based reporting, management and secure cloud based call storage and that’s just the start. The video below shows the Call Tracker Manager interface used to listen to and review calls.

Digital BackOfice Digital 04/16 is a stackable 4 or 16 line recorder for Extension Side connectivity to a wide raange of Digital PBX (Phone systems). Located centrally next to your phone system and compatible with most of the established phone system manufacturers, BackOffice Digital can record full extension activity. Key features include:

  • Records all calls automatically
  • Ability to Pause Recording while taking sensitive information
  • Store Date, Time, Duraltion, Caller ID, Dialed Digits
  • Store and Backup on central PC or anywhere on your network
  • Works seamlessly with Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software
  • Mix and match Digital, Analog, IP and Digital (ISDN) Lines

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