EDAC Digital to Analog Converter Our industry-leading EDAC monitors all line appearances on the desktop handset and then reformat digitized information into a standard analog format required by most enterprise-grade recording equipment. EDAC units passively capture both sides of a conversation and send audio to the recorder when a call is active.

Dees provides solutions in the following areas; phone call monitoring (for a call center), loud telephone ringers, powerfail transfer systems, Meridian Digital Centrex adapters and recording interfaces.

Dees ringer 196

Encore workforce optimization provides contact centers with comprehensive recording, analytics, and quality and workforce management for industry compliance, KPI improvement, and more.  With the industry’s best ROI, thousands of contract centers place their trust in DVS Analytics Encore solutions.

Intelligent Recording has a wide range of hardware and software platforms that are designed to meet everything from basic call recording requirements to providing a turn-key system that records calls, upsells your clients and aids in staff training and development. Whether recording analog lines, IP phone recording, SIP trunk Recording, PRI/BRI Recording or Digital station-side recording, Intelligent Recording has the right solution for your business.

Revcord provides one of the most complete and practical logging recorder solutions available today.  Feature by feature, support and cost, Revcord is an amazing product.  Revcord recorders are Next Generation NG-911 certified. Please consider Revcord and tell them I sent you.  Here is the opportunity for you to deal directly with the factory.

Total Recall VR is a professional audio logging and call recording system which is selfcontained, fully featured

and cost-effective.