EDAC Digital to Analog Converter Our industry-leading EDAC monitors all line appearances on the desktop handset and then reformat digitized information into a standard analog format required by most enterprise-grade recording equipment. EDAC units passively capture both sides of a conversation and send audio to the recorder when a call is active. EDAC operation manual is available to current users upon request .

154     Power Fail Bypass  products transfer up to 8 system phones to CO trunks when the power or phone system fails. All connections are isolated from the phone system while in Bypass mode. Multiple units can be ‘ganged’ together to support more than 8 trunks.

173W     Common Ringing The 3 Trunk Common Ringer Matrix allows connecting multiple Central Office (CO) lines to one common output whenever one of the lines rings. This unit eliminates the necessity of providing a separate bell for each incoming CO line. The Model 173W will accommodate three CO lines or Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) pairs. For more than 3 lines you can gang 173Ws together. The unit also functions as a Ringing Detector.

196, 198, 90, 24     Stinger Ringer 

The Stinger Ringer cuts through the noise of any environment with a powerful 110 dBA. Its intense signal is transmitted in all directions and reaches every corner of an industrial location or home.  The Stinger 90, Model 196 operates directly from Central Office ringing. The Stinger 24, Model 198 operates from 24 VDC and a dry set of contacts.

340     Dees Link DeesLink is a secure, multi-user programmable remote access unit. It allows password-protected dial-up access by off-premise users to one or two ports of your communications, monitoring or paging system.  DeesLink assures access to your office communications systems and can be controlled with complete protection against unauthorized use. With DeesLink you can allow multiple users secure access to your communications systems, each with their own individual profiles.

DSI-375     Meridian Custom Ringer     DSI-375 gives you complete control over your phone’s ringing patterns. The DSI is programmed through the dial pad of your MBS and provides you with ten distinctive ringing choices. You can also program it to allow incoming lines on your MBS to ring normally, even when you are on the phone. The DSI can be programmed to activate a loud Night Bell or illuminate a Set Busy or Message Waiting lamp. If you want to improve the ringing functionality of your MBS, the Meridian Custom Ringer is the solution.

CRI-376     Recorder Interface CRI-376 enables most recording devices to record calls made on your Meridian Business Set (MBS). The CRI is connected to your MBS and your recording device. You can select the lines you want to record, including lines that appear on a multi-button add-on module. The CRI will operate perfectly with recorders that require contact closure, a ground input or voice operation to function. You can program the CRI to supply an audible alert tone for applications where you need to signify that a call is being recorded.

CM-10 CM-30 Service observing units provide complete call monitoring and talk assist capabilities. They are compatible with almost any analog telephone system, e.g., CENTREX, PBX or Key System lines. Available in two versions, Model CM-10 monitors up to 10 lines and CM-30 monitors up to 30 lines. While this product is no longer being manufactured, there is a very small inventory of units available at this time.

CSI-380     Digital Centrex Interface CSI-380 enables a computer application to send and receive MDC call signaling and display information on a Meridian Digital Centrex line. This allows the computer applications programmer full access to all MDC services and features that are available on M5000 Series telephone sets. The CSI-380 may only be used with an M5000 Series telephone set or on a line configured for use with an M5000 Series telephone set.

Call Tracker  XTR Call Tracker is a complete stand-alone call recording solution, no host PC is required and installation is quick and simple. Call Tracker connects directly to your phone lines and records all of your calls onto its built-in memory. Compatible with Analog phones/lines or with a PBX, every call detail is recorded.

Back Office Digital Recorder  XTR BackOfice Digital 04/16 is a stackable 4 or 16 line recorder for Extension Side connectivity to a wide raange of Digital PBX (Phone systems). Located centrally next to your phone system and compatible with most of the established phone system manufacturers, BackOffice Digital can record full extension activity.

Total Recall VR is a professional audio logging and call recording system which is selfcontained,
fully featured and cost-effective. Enterprises and governments worldwide use
it to create electronic records of many forms of audio communication including
telephone, 2-way radio, broadcast radio, public address, room microphones,

TRL Total Recall is a compact, cost-effective and self-contained digital Voice Logger / Recorder that records and provides secure storage for up to 60,000 hours of calls. Call information is presented on the color TFT Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). With simple keystrokes and three easy to navigate menus,   This recorder is no longer available.